Tully’s Pet Cremation Services


Grief, confusion, anger, guilt and depression are all typical responses to the death of a loved one. Only recently, however, have researchers come to realize that a pet may also be considered a loved one and a family member, and that its death may evoke similar and often equally intense emotions. We are empathetic to your loss and wish to offer our sincere sympathy. Not all crematories are the same. We are proud of the level of professionalism, which  we  bring  to  pet cremation. Our  technicians  follow  a  detailed cremation procedure.  Each  pet  entrusted  to  our care is tracked carefully ensuring complete accuracy. All rates include an urn, pickup and delivery from your local vet clinic.  (Home pick-up and delivery is an extra cost.)

Complimentary Urns

Standard Urn

Ginger Jars

Urns-Retail 001

Cat Urns

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Cremation Rates

0 - 40 lbs

$ 105

Per Pet

41 - 80 lbs

$ 120

Per Pet

80 - 120 lbs

$ 145

Per Pet

Over 120 lbs

$ 170

Per Pet